Magic PR Video

Press releases have been around for over a century.  Sure, they’ve evolved, however, the basic premise, informing the public about an event within your company, hasn’t changed since the first press release was issued in 1906.

The general idea is to issue the information and distribute it through media (previously newspapers and magazines, and, now through internet news outlets.)  Despite the evolution of press release distribution, basic press releases have largely remained the same…UNTIL NOW!!

Announcing:  Press releases combined with VIDEO!!

Nowadays, it’s extremely rare for someone with internet access (just about everyone), not to regularly watch videos.  In fact, video is so prevalent that it invades almost every facet of our lives.  Social media is filled with videos, from goats in pajamas to TED talks, and even online university classes are streamed live as well as recorded so students can “attend” at their own convenience.

So, it’s only logical that eventually video would start to become an important element in a company’s marketing and public relations strategy.

Combining your Press Release with video is an extremely compelling weapon in getting your company’s message out there.  And that’s the beauty of the Magic PR program.

We take your professionally written press release and add the powerful sight and sound element of video and your company’s message is magnified and multiplied exponentially.

And the best thing?  YOU own the video.  In addition to us placing it in YouTube for you, you can use your new Video Press Release in your own marketing. Post it in your Social Media accounts, on your website, in any other video sites that you’d like.  (Or contact us and we can do it for you.)

Additionally, your Video Press Release link is distributed to our many outlets when we aggregate your regular Press Release.  This creates hundreds of links to your website, as well as your Video Press Release on YouTube.  And, since your video is placed on our very popular MagicPR YouTube channels, there are numerous possibilities for it to be viewed through our playlist.



Now we don’t want to mention any examples by name, however, no doubt you’ve probably already seen marketing videos that make you want to cringe.  They’re poorly designed and created, with production values that are practically non-existent.


Our Video Press Releases are unique.  They’re created to be viewed.  With that in mind, we make sure that they’re entertaining, beautifully created and extremely high quality.  Your Press Release is integrated into your Magic PR Press Release Video in a way that SHOWS your story rather than just writes it.


Let’s face it.  High quality videos can be expensive.  VERY EXPENSIVE!!  And, quite honestly, in the very near future we’re going to be raising our prices on our Press Release Videos also.  However, right now, we’ve decided to offer extremely affordable SPECIAL PRICING to our customers who purchase our PR Video package.  Honestly, the price is cheap and the quality is EXPENSIVE!!

So, click the link to get your MagicPR Press Release Video Package now, and we’ll get started on a Press Release Video for your business that you’ll be PROUD to show.  Again, this is a very limited time offer so don’t delay.